Thursday, August 13, 2009

bits and pieces

I feel like I have a lot to say most of the time, but by the time I sit down here to write it, I find I am blank.

I have gotten used to the turkies (how on earth do you spell that?) We now have 7 of them. I spent most of the afternoon at the plaza (an outdoor open shopping place) buying stuff for the wedding. We bought 20 pounds of salt (yikes), 25 pounds of cookies (for the mole) 10 liters of cooking oil, 4 dozen plates, 50 pounds of rice, 2 pounds of dried chiles (we still have to buy another 15 or 20 pounds, they are really expensive so we didn´t have enough today) and a few pounds of chocolate (for the mole)

I am going to Tepeaca tomorrow to buy a ´flower girl´dress for Edith. I got my feeling hurt when I found out that the bride hadn´t actually included her. Then, they next day I got into a fight with Aaron about how he talks to me disrespecfully and how I won´t have it. I called Moises and told him that I would rather come home or rent a room. He freaked out, but was mad at his brother and parents not me. I felt really good because he stood up for me. We now have an "official" room for when we stay here. Aaron now has his "official room" as well, and they kids aren´t allowed to go in (as that is why he was being a jerk in the first place because the kids let flies into his room)

I gotta go! The bathroom calls and they is no such thing as a public bathroom around here.

Monday, August 3, 2009

turkey, dogs and donkeys

I am grumpy and depressed, and tired, homesick, bored, and angry. I just literally feel like shit. I have been feeling down for a while now. I have expected it to go away as it always does with my period. I haven´t had my period, it is a week late, and I still feel like crap. (no, no posibility of pregnancy! - It would me the second coming is near)

I bought some new bras today. I thought that would help me feel better, but it didn´t. Now I am worried about money. I don´t need to worry, because it will all work out, but I am just so good at it. The bras are really nice. They have super duper support. They are really well made too, to last for years. They are only 20 dollars, so if you want me to bring a couple home with me, let me know. I will tell you how to get your measurements because they are custom made.

Marcella called me last night, which was really nice. I forget how much I miss being able to talk to someone with no language barrier. I mean, my spanish is okay, but I feel like I cant express myself well sometimes.

I am not sleeping well at night. All I can hear are dogs barking, donkeys braying (is that the right word) and the newest addition is turkeys gobbling. We got 3 turkeys the other day to fatten up for the wedding. They are so freaking loud it is unbelievable!

Edith says to me: Mom, are we going to eat those turkeys
me: yes, when your uncle gets married
Edith: does that mean we are going to kill them?
me: yes, we are going to kill them and eat them.
Edith: Can I watch when they kill them!
Me: uh.....sure.......

She also recently asked me about cows having babies. She asked me if we were going to kill the cows to eat. I said that maybe someday we would. She said that we should wait until they have babies first. Then she asked me if you have to cut open the cow to get the baby out. No, I say, it just comes out of the vagina. Oh...okay- she says. (she knows where her vagina is and didn´t even say anything about it hurting or anything.)

I should go get my kids and go to bed. Although, I already slept half the day. Oh well.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I am having a really blah time lately. Usually I have some good stories or something to tell. Right now I have nothing! I haven`t done anything fun. I am bored out of my mind. What do I normally do? I do like to read, and I read all the Twilight series in the first week I was here. I told myself that I would read my nursing book, but I have gotten through a whole page. I guess I have done one thing - I am in the hard level for Guitar Hero on the nintendo ds. That is pretty exciting (HA!)

I ate part of a chicken head the other day. I went to buy a roticerie chicken, and here they sell the heads too. Well, while we were waiting for our order, the shop owner thought she would be nice and offer me one. I took it and acted like I wasn´t going to freak out about eating a CHICKEN HEAD! Blah!

It looks like the nail thing isn´t going to work out. People are way too poor right now to pay to have their nails painted. The bread thing is going okay. I also brought a juicer with me to give to Leticia, and she is selling fruit juice to make money.

I miss my friends, I miss my family. I miss having parks and fun places to take the kids. I mean, they do have fun playing outside (what a concept) with the dirt and trees and stuff. I guess I just don´t have much to talk about and so I am not a good conversationist and that is all people do around here. I don´t know how they find so much to talk about. I just tune out most of the time because I don´t know who or what they are talking about.