Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No news is good news?

My sister Genevieve is supposed to have a baby today. I haven´t heard anything, so I supposed that is good. I hate being out of the loop.

I found out today that I recieved a scholarship for my tuition next year in school. Now I need to wait to see how much of a pell grant they think I need. My FAfsa says I can recieve up to 5300 in pell grants. That would be nice. It is about what I got last year. It was really nice being able to buy clothes and get gas without worrying about how I was going to come up with the money.

Life here is pretty boring. I have been in a funk that past couple of days. It is stupid really, because it is about Moises (nothing new, right?) He lied to me the other day about where he was at and it has really disturbed me. I don´t like being lied to. It reminds me of the early years when Stacie was married to Ariel. In my head, I think, okay he might have been with a woman. If that is the case, fuck him, right? His final story (it has changed 4 times so far) is that he went to a quinciƱera party for one of his friends´daughter. If that was all, why did he have to lie? Of course I ask him that and he says something about how I always give him a hard time when he hangs out with his friends (totally not true)

Does anyone have a breadmachine that works but no longer want sitting around in their house? Let me know.....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I´m broke!

Well, not totally, but I spent 35 dollars today to see a doctor and get medicine. I woke up sweating and needing to vomit and with diarrhea. (tmi, I know) I don´t know if it is food poisoning or just a bit of everything - sun, food, germs, etc. But I felt like I was going to die. Fortunately, I am feeling better now.

I made an anouncement about teaching english but no one showed up. I was looking forward to the extra cash, but I guess I will just have to make due - maybe even ask Moises to cough up some more.

Well, I am tired, and don´t have much to say. Remember I am only a phone call away, and it is cheap to call mexico - 011-52-249-103-1012

Saturday, July 18, 2009

the training wheels are off

Edith learned how to ride a 2 wheeler this week. It is funny because Balthezar learned to ride his bike here too. I guess now they will both have memories of bike riding in mexico. I remember the day I learned how to ride my bike. I can still see and feel it clearly in my head. Poor Edith though, she doesn´t have very good control and there is so much dirt and rocks she is always falling down. She has a lot of bruises. I am surprised that she hasn´t given up (she just blames it on mexico).

She does talks a lot about how she hates Mexico. Every time that something happens that she doesn´t like, she starts saying, 'I hate Mexico, I want to go back to America' It is frustrating. I don´t want her to hate it here. It is so different. I know that I am weird in the fact that I like it.

I sold some clothes to a woman the other day. While she was looking at the clothes she was talking about weight. I don´t remember how it came up, but I probably said something about how I need to loose some. Well, a couple days later she shows up to pay me (I let her take them and bring me the money later) and she has another woman with her. I guess she works for the woman taking care of her baby. She tells me that she sells herbalife and that it is good for losing weight. I tell her that I have heard of it, and she invites me to a meeting to learn all about it. I told her no, but she was persistent, so I thought, okay fine.

She shows up (late) the next day and takes me to the meeting in Tecamachalco. It is interesting going to a meeting like that after being in Mary Kay, just because MK meetings are so much more fun! I got to try some samples (not very good) and learn about the products. Afterwards, she invited us out to eat. We got a couple of pizzas for the kids, and she took me to her brothers restaurant. It is a nice place - the nicest I have seen around here. I guess he worked as a chef at Olive Garden for years and saved up to buy this place. I got a cobb salad and it was really really good - the dressing was the best.

Anyhow, I got home and told my mother in law and Leticia about it. They of course had something to say. They always do when someone comes to see me, or invites me to something. They told me that she is a snob and she doesn´t talk to anybody here in town because she thinks she is better than them. They said, what does she want from you? Well, obviously she wants me to buy her products I said. She seemed nice enough to me. She offered to take me and the kids to the city of Puebla to go on a city tour. I think it would be fun, but of course in the back of my mind I am also thinking, why is she being nice to me?

Moises called yesterday and I told him about it. He didn´t know who I was talking about so he talked to his mom and she told him. Then he gets back on the phone and says that he definately doesn´t want me buying anything from her and that he wants nothing to do with 'those type of people'. Of course, I am like, WHY? He says that their family has a little lighter skin than most of the others here in town, so they say they have european blood and would never date anyone who is 'indiginous' There was a woman a few years back who tried to befriend me, and apparently she was the same way. At least that is what my family here told me. So I wonder if they want to befriend me because I am white and they like that, or if they are just more outgoing and do more than just stare at me.

I told Leticia that she is jealous. Well, it is hard to translate, but jealous as in, they don´t want to share me with other people. I do consider my sisters in law my friends, but it would be nice to have more than that.

I am going to start english classes this next week. I don´t like living on 100 dollars a week. I can barely make it by at home because I get food stamps. Here I guess I get by, it just feels much tighter because I use that money to buy all my food. The bigger reason that I decided to teach english classes is because it is an easy way to make extra money. It has come to my attention that Medardo, Delia and Lupe all have really horrible teeth. They have some serious decay going on. The other day Medardo was in pain the whole day, and I told him to go to the dentist and find out what needs to be done. I asked his mom later if it would be okay if I pay for it. (they are very proud people so being given money or having someone else take care of something for their kids is a big deal) She was surprisingly gracious about it. She said of course, why would she say no. I think that in the past she would definately say no, but her husband hasn´t had a steady job for many months, and they are suffering.

The economy sucks down here too. The only guy out of all my in laws that has a job right now is Javier, Leticias husband. He is working in Monterrey right now. I guess he will be back for the wedding. Delia´s husband, Feliciano works a day here and there where he can find it. Same with Antonio, Martha husband, and Giovanni, Maricella´s husband.

Some of the work that they have gotten is actually with Aaron and Antonio fixing up their houses. Antonio has expanded his house to have a large overhand for a garage, and on top he is going to build a large second floor. Aaron has also built a garage for the house, and is doing lots of clean up around the yard (it is kind of like mom´s back yard that has tons of random stuff everywhere) None of the men around here ever has a really steady job. They get hired some place to do a job, sometimes for a week, sometimes for several months. Once the work is done, they need to find a new job. Right now, there isn´t much to be found. So even though I am living on 100 dollars a week, I am still the rich one. Isn´t that crazy!!

So the big gossip news for the day is that Antonio got his girfriend pregnant. Nobody in the family knows except me and Maricela. She knows because Mago (his girlfriend) lives across the street from us and they grew up together and are still really good friends. Maricella and her husband have been living in Antonios house ever since they got together. Well, aparently, Antonia and Mago have been having secret meetings up at the house. I think it is too bad, because they have to meet in secret and do it on an old dirty matress. I think it is kind of gross.

Well, the other day we came home really late from a party that we went to and all the lights were off in the house, but I see someone in the living room watching tv. It is a girl, but I cant quite make out who it is. I walk into the door and Antonio is getting dressed as fast as he can. I walk into the living room and it is Mago. She is sitting there looking all nervous. I laughed and said we must have come at the wrong moment. His parents didn´t notice, because they went into their room, not the main house. Later on that evening, Antonio was getting dressed because he took a shower and I asked him if he was going to marry her or not. I told him that girls don´t like having to hide having sex, and that if he got married they could do it all the time. He told me that he was going to marry her. He has always said that he doesn´t want to get married, but apparently she won´t just get together with him, she wants marriage. I told him to hurry it up! (of course it was the next day that I found out that she is pregnant, she I am sure that will hurry things along.)

Okay, so I think that is enough gossip for the day.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trip to the Dentist

I went to the dentist today. The other day I was flossing and a my filling fell out of my mouth. So I asked where to go to the dentist. Moises has a cousin who is a dentist, but apparently she is really expensive. They told me that there is a girl who recently graduated that is charging a lot less. So Leticia took me to go see her today. She takes me to a store that sells fruits and vegetables and other basic household items. They also sell roasted chicken. She gets the attention of a girl who is loading chicken heads onto a big rotisserie pole and says I want to get seen. The girl gets someone else to finish with the chicken heads and leads me up 2 flights of stairs that are part of the house. On the top floor there is a room with a dentist chair and whatnot. Well, the 'girl' is the dentist! I have an appointment to get the filling replace on monday. She charges $15 for fillings. Nice. I saw that she has an autoclave, so that makes me feel good.

I have felt a bit homesick the past couple of days. So has Balthezar. He broke down crying the other day saying that he wants to go home. He wants to see his friends and family and have everything 'normal' he says. I have felt it a little bit, but have been busy around the house and had my sister in laws over every day, so I have had company.

As always, I feel like I don´t do enough around the house. I know it is wrong, but I just dont think I should have to clean up after all my inlaws. I should do more, but so far, I just don´t want to. I am being lazy maybe and stubborn!

I finished the Twilight series. I do think that it was pretty good. It do get a little annoying with how low of a self esteem Bella has. I don´t like the idea that millions of young girls are reading this series and thinking that true love means that your boyfriend stalks you, won´t let you visit your friends, and in the end, kills you. Yeah, not so much......

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I am feeling really out of it. I feel like my spanish has gotten really crappy because I am having a hard time keeping up with some conversations. It really bothers me. Then there are the kids who speak to me in english, even though I am trying hard to speak to them in spanish. I am getting a headache from going back and forth between the two. I know that it a couple of weeks it will start to feel okay again. I just have to remind myself in the meantime that my brain will hurt.

I haven´t really done much since I got here. I haven´t gone and visited people. I know I should, I just don´t feel like it. I don´t mean to say that I have to, just that I will feel better if I get out of the house more.

I brought a bread machine with me here. I have been making banana bread, and have even sold a loaf. I think that if they keep on it, they can sell it once I am gone. The problem that I can see, is that they have a hard time keeping up with something. I don´t know if it is because they aren´t interested or if they are lazy, or if they don´t think that it will work out. I brought the nail set with me, and of course I am ready to get to work, but my sister in law´s seem pretty apathetic about it. They seem interested, but not intested enough to find clients, make anouncements and get to work. Maybe I am being to hard on them though. I have only been here a week.

Today I am going matress shopping with my mother in law. Balthezar wants to sleep on his own, so we need a new bed for him. I am happy, because I am not used to sleeping with the kids so it will be really nice to have my space back. The bed that we got is very nice. It even has a really nice base with drawer for clothes. This is the first time that I have been here that I feel like I have a room that is really put together and has everything I need. Even the time that I was here for 6 months I was living out of my suitcase.