Saturday, March 10, 2012


so I have been in physical pain for a couple of weeks now. I did it to myself. I held my arm on the burner of the stove. It got infected. It has been an ordeal. it is a full thickness burn, and I think that my skin is not going to grow back and I need a skin graft. I went to a wound specialist and have some new foams that I am putting on it instead of the silver cream, but it is just looking the same, just dryer. I saw my pyschiatrist yesterday and told him and said that I felt stupid about it. He said that I could use some non-judgemental words. That is so true. I was feeling suicidal and really horrible and I haven't felt that was since. I have felt bad, but mainly been focused on my burn!

I told moises again yesterday that we need to get divorced. He said he couldn't believe I was doing all of this over the toilet. I explained that it isn't the toilet, it is what it represents. Him wanting to teach me a lesson verses not wanted to pitch in and help out. He was like - well, I did teach you a lesson, you guys are flushing now! Great - you taught me a lesson and now are loosing your wife. How about them apples!

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